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Summer Again Enjoying the Warmth and Colour

July 9th, 2011

Summer Again  Enjoying the Warmth and Colour

Have made it through another winter and enjoyed a visit to sunny Florida but happy to have this warm weather and official SUMMER back again! Hope you are enjoying it too ... lots of good friends and BBQ and outdoor activities but am still painting although have slowed down on the updates and blogging
I do have another blog at and this one is just random (obviously - it has been ONE YEAR after all...) but have been trying to keep up with emails and Facebook and friends and combine that with the outdoor and painting so it is a bit tougher
Am knitting another pair of socks and finished a few lace shawls - and have created some really fun abstracts and mixed media pieces
A local gallery phoned me and they want my work - show is end of July !!! So have been preparing for that - have joined some great groups and entered competitions and enjoying the positive responses and being in the top 160 out of 6000 entries was great - being in the top 3 in the contests is always rewarding and having my work featured in the groups is great incentive to continue - what a wonderful way to start the day!!
I have so many new works but am working on better photography of the art, although I have ordered prints and cards and they look great - am enjoying my studio and seem to listen to Alan Parsons Project a lot - it is very inspirational
Keeping up the websites and trying to paint and see some friends is about all I can do right now and it is sometimes frustrating - but I am trying to take the medication and do what I can - the art is therapeutic and the positive support is so appreciated
I hope you are enjoying your summer too and that it is a creative day for you each day

Summer Update

September 11th, 2010

Summer Update

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!! We have enjoyed the warmth and our new home and meeting so many great people here and online through the new websites! I have been painting in the studio daily and with the inspiring walks through the woods and by the water, am painting up some wonderful pieces full of colour...
It has been quite a journey for the past couple of years and I am recovering and the painting is great therapy - I hope all of you have been able to find an outlet to help you cope with life and the situations thrown your way - the artwork and the knitting (painting with yarn) have helped me tremendously
So I have updated my blog ( and my different websites ( and Facebook Fan Page is also a great new treat - meeting people from all over the world ( and enjoying this way of sharing my artwork with the world
I have been fortunate enough to win some art contests, and to place in the Top Ten on some of them, and to be "Feature of the Day" with some of my art and am receiving great enthusiastic responses from some of the new people I have met here and in the "real" world at our new place ... the positive response gives an artist the energy to create more work and to have the support means so much
I am grateful to all of you and happy to participate in this new way of selling art - I hope all of you have had a wonderful summer and I myself am looking forward to the fall colours (great photo opportunities) and lots of knitting and painting through the winter months
Please let me know what you think of my artwork and send me a note so I can visit you too

New Opportunities and More Art

July 17th, 2010

New Opportunities and More Art

Welcome to my new website - I have been an artistic creative person all of my life and am excited to be able to now offer my art online to you
We have come a long way since Etch-A-Sketch and Spirograph and using a dial telephone... Technology has opened up a whole new world for artists and enabled us to reach out to the rest of the world and share our artwork
I previously focused on realism and worked with oils but now loving acrylics and mixed media techniques - I have done a lot of digital art in the past and actually had a digital art website in the 1990's where at one time I had one million visitors in a week - that was when the internet was still new"ish" and we were on dial-up connection so it took hours and hours of work and I eventually decided I needed to concentrate on my real life and spend more time with family - kids are grown now and I am able to create art work in my own studio full-time and loving it
I am pleased to be able to sell my work this way and connect with art lovers and other artists through this site and my other websites - Please join me and explore, feel free to contact me with questions and hopefully you will be able to purchase my original work, prints or cards to add some colour to your home - I would be honoured to have my work hanging in your home or sent as a gift or greeting card
Thank you for visiting my site - you can visit my Facebook page or
Off to paint more work for you... ;))